Friday, 27 April 2012

Warblers Sing in the Sunshine

27th April - a quick visit this afternoon before school athletics club.  I had received a text from Dave P informing me of several birds on site, 2 of which were year ticks.

A Common Sand was working its way around the spit along with an LRP busily running backwards and forwards, but I made my way round to the railway bank.  I checked the meadow en route, which yielded little apart from 6 Blackbirds flying in and out of the railway hedge.  As I walked towards the 'reed warbler' reed bed in the centre of the southern bank, I could hear my first quarry singing away from the hedge - a Garden Warbler - year tick number 1.  As I attempted to see the bird, year tick number 2 started singing from the reed bed - a Reed Warbler.  These were the 2 birds Dave P had informed me about.  Then, as I waited to see the Reed Warbler, a Lesser Whitethroat started rattling away just behind me in the same hedge as the Garden Warbler - year tick number 3!  I eventually got reasonable views of all 3 birds and it was nice to enjoy them in a bit of sunshine and warmth for once - maybe the sun brought out the songsters?

From the southern bank, I scoped the gulls on the spit and noticed a 2cy Great Black-backed Gull.  The first one here for a while and getting quite late, continuing the recent run of gulls that are obviously moving through the site.  I did a quick count of the loafing LWHG to see if my recent estimates were fair and counted 117 birds - so about right.

A Hobby zipped over from the sw being harassed by a Jackdaw and quickly departed.  On my return to the car, I noticed a Moorhen sitting in a nest in a willow overhanging the lake, probably about 7 feet above the water - hopefully not too high for the youngsters when they eventually leap down.

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