Sunday, 15 April 2012


15th April - I made an early morning visit today.  The spit was devoid of any waders and a walk around the pit found no Sedge or Reed Warblers, though 5-6 Willow warblers had joined the throng of Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs.  No wagtails in the paddocks or meadows, but it was pretty cold - only 4-5 degrees.

Best bird of the morning and a year tick was a male Mandarin that flew across the north side of the lake from the east at 7:30am.  I was watching from the north bank so had a good view as it flew across and on over the workings.  I couldn't find it later on the west side so don't know if it landed or not.  Not an easy bird to get at the pit, so a welcome find.


  1. Massive congrats on getting a ton up Adam ! super frustrating when you have a patch that others with more time and energy visit , grip factor is high ! luckily all my patches are rubbish , so no one ever goes there ;-)

    1. Thanks - I think the site total is about 110 so far, but the misses that I will struggle with later are Osprey, Marsh Harrier, Smew and possibly Woodcock.