Sunday, 29 April 2012

And Yet More Rain

28th April - The weather looked promising for some passage waders, terns and gulls today, with the wind apparently switching towards easterly, though it was more north easterly.  I made an early morning visit and sat through almost persistent drizzle until 9am but got little reward.

The only passage seen was 2 summer plumaged Dunlin that flew in about 8:30am and landed briefly on the near spit for a matter of seconds before taking off.  They did a couple of circuits looking like they might land a few times, but in the end were last seen in the NE corner and probably departed that way - their black bellies were very obvious in flight.  A Common Sandpiper was possibly yesterday's bird.

4 Shelduck were present on my arrival, which were new in and looked to be all females.  Later in the morning, a further pair arrived from the south west and joined them.  The male indulged in much display and made the rest of the group quite flighty.  Hirundines were over the lake in good numbers - mainly Swallows, but House and Sand Martins well represented too.  Double figures of Swifts were also around though a little higher up.

A quick trip to the meadow, railway bank and paddocks found little else, though yesterday's Reed and Garden Warblers were still present in the same areas.

The black-ringed adult LBB Gull, that Jim R fortunately read yesterday as 3.X6, looks to be a bird ringed in Guernsey (details to follow) and was present in front of the island again.  It appears to be a male of a pair and I wonder if they are or will be local breeders.  They have been present on site for the last 3 days now.

Taken on 26th, when I was struggling to read the ring

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