Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More CR Gulls

25th April - a couple of colour-ringed gulls from Saturday 21st have been reported back.

A 2cy Herring Gull with a red darvic ring was present late morning and I assumed that it was likely to be LX3T seen previously, but Mick M who was present later in the day read it as WX3T.  Obviously ringed during the same session as the other gull at Pitsea Landfill, Essex on March 10th.  A map of the sighting is here:

There was also a 3cy Herring Gull present with a dark blue darvic with pale pink/faded orange KCL.  This fitted the combination of a gull from Gloucester Landfill - I had previously seen an adult LBB with such a ring, coded GEY.  Sure enough, it was ringed there as a 1st year on 25th September 2010.  It had a further 5 sight records from the same site, last seen on 13th July 2011.  This is the first record away from the landfill.

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