Friday, 27 April 2012

A Lull

26th April - I was hoping that the forecasted heavy showers might bring some birds in today, but the wind was too westerly and in the end a bit of a dull visit.

There were no waders on site at all, except for a few Lapwing and Common Tern numbers were down - 9 being my highest count.  Swifts were obviously on the move, with many noted during my visit and in the afternoon, during a sunny break between heavy rain bands, I counted 21 together, but many more would have been through.  Following the Swifts, my first Hobby of the year circled up northwards along the eastern bank.

LWHG continued to provide some interest - only about 80 on site at any one time, but 3 colour rings were seen: a 2cy Herring Gull with a red darvic, a 3cy Herring with a white darvic and a paired adult LBB Gull with a black(ish) darvic.  Unfortunately, only the white ring was read when Dave P turned up with a 60x lens - I must get a longer lens! Details awaited.

On arrival, I also saw what I'm pretty sure was a 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull.  It was only on site for  a few minutes before flying off and my one record shot shows the bird mostly obscured.  It stood out as having an obviously white as opposed to pale square-shaped head, dark streaking around the eye and a large broad-based and blunt-tipped bill.  The tertials were all dark centred and the coverts were dark and diffuse.  When it flew off, it showed a white tail and a black tail band and an upper wing pattern that I always think of as intermediate between LBBG and Herring and showing only a small primary window.  However, the scaps look a little pale and well-marked in this shot.  Again, open to comments.

The bird at the back!

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