Sunday, 22 April 2012

One Throat or Two?

22nd April - an early morning visit today found a Sedge Warbler singing on arrival.  It was in willow and bramble by the lake edge just north of the bench on the west side and only my second this year.

None of the hoped for waders appeared, probably because it was sunny and cold - just above freezing.  Yesterday, I had missed a Whimbrel by a few minutes, that had only landed for a matter of minutes following a short shower, before continuing northwards.  I had received a text from Alan S at 15:36 while I was cutting a hedge, decided that I had a good chance of connecting, so jumped in the car and inevitably received a further text en route at 15:42 saying it had gone.  I reckon it takes about 10 minutes door to lake side, so another unlucky dip.

I visited the meadow and after crossing the rail track heard a Whitethroat singing about 100 yards to the west up the track.  A new bird for the year, so I walked towards it for a view and watched it singing and working its way eastwards along the track side.  Nothing much else of note, so I walked back across the track and along the southern path.  A Whitethroat was singing about 100 yards ahead of me - I pondered whether this was another bird, or the same one moving slightly quicker than me.  As I walked towards it, it carried on moving eastwards towards the south east corner, so may well have been the same bird on the move.

On the north bank, a male Mandarin flew from the workings and splash landed very close to me before taking off again.  This may well be the same bird I had seen at the same time and place last Sunday.

So a few new arrivals - can't be long before some waders appear.

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