Saturday, 28 January 2012

Iceland Comes Home to Roost

28th January - For one reason or another, I have not managed to be on site for the gull roost all month, so today when I was free at 4pm, I headed down to the pit.  I was hoping that the 2w Iceland Gull that is frequenting nearby Hedgerley landfill might come in to roost, so was very pleased when at 4:30pm a 2w Iceland Gull did indeed arrive and is presumably this bird - gulls from Hedgerley tend to roost either at the much larger Queen Mother Reservoir in Berkshire or here.  It actually landed in my scope view so that I could see its out-stretched white primaries.  On arrival, it stayed at the back of the spit but in the water, moving up and down the bank for about 20 minutes before walking up the bank and losing itself behind the throng of other roosting gulls.  I suspect that it probably roosts here quite regularly.

An adult Mediterranean Gull was seen earlier and also yesterday, though I could not find it and is possibly the same bird that I saw last week.

An interesting sighting from yesterday - as I was returning to my car a Kestrel dropped from its perch into an ivy clad shrub about 8 feet up.  It emerged carrying a long-tailed chestnut-coloured rodent that was presumably a Wood Mouse and carried it off to a nearby branch.  I also saw a Sparrowhawk indulging in some display flight in the sunny weather.

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