Friday, 20 January 2012

Colour-Ringed Gull

20th January - usual stuff this afternoon.  At one point a 1cy Herring Gull appeared at the back of the spit bearing a white darvic ring on its right leg.  Unfortunately, before I could read it, it walked out of view and shortly afterwards flew off!

Towards the end of the visit, some gun shots nearby flushed everything.  This gave me the opportunity to count the Wigeon flock as they formed a group in the middle of the lake - my highest count of the season to date at 126 birds.  3 Shelduck remained - the pair plus a male.  The wintering Chiffchaff was also quite vocal for a while next to where I was standing.  I managed a record shot, which unfortunately due to the mass of twigs around it, auto-focussed on the twigs and not the bird, but at least you can tell it is a nominate bird and not abietinus or tristis.

Spot the bird!

Can you see it now?

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