Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gold and Red on the Spit

25th January - as I arrived in the car park Ring-necked Parakeets could be heard making a racket in the adjacent trees and I counted 5 birds flying off.

A small flock of 35 Golden Plover was on the spit amongst the Lapwing, with one bird beginning to acquire its black breast and belly.  They were later joined by a further 14 birds and 3 more flew straight through.

The wintering Chiffchaff was once again present and now just a single Shelduck.  A fox also made an appearance, presumably one of the pair from the other day - it looks to be the vixen.  She ambled about pushing the gulls into the water, but neither she nor they looked too bothered.


Nothing much else of note, although a pair of Bullfinches and Great-spotted Woodpecker were new for the year.

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