Wednesday, 18 January 2012

First White Winger of the Year

18th January - following yesterday's sun and brightness, today was dull and gloomy with some mist patches over the water.  However, on arrival, I found an adult Mediterranean Gull near the tip of the nearest spit having a wash - about as close as you can get at this site.  I hurried over to the small viewpoint to try and take some record shots only to find that it had moved and was now standing on the spit.  I placed the camera to the telescope just as they all spooked and the Med typically departed, so no shots this time.

In fact, spooking the birds was the order of the day, as firstly 2 amorous foxes decided to run all over the spit and secondly a Royal Navy helicopter flew over once, departed, then returned and circled right over my position - not sure if they were looking at me!  This put up all the birds again, so I left, but saw a Green Sand on the spit edge as I was leaving.

Forgot to mention that whilst there, 2 Mute Swans came over hoping for a handout, so with not much else to look at, I recorded their ring codes - I'd be very surprised if they're not local Thames birds though.

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