Friday, 13 January 2012

How Many Lapwings?

10th January - there was a small flock of 15 Siskins flying around the car park as I arrived.  The pit was pretty much as usual, but with fewer LWHG.  I counted 21 GBB Gulls today, 17 adults, a 2nd winter and 3 1st winters.  A small flock of 11 Golden Plover was with the large Lapwing flock on the spit.  These Lapwings are forever flushing, usually for little reason, and put up a lot of other birds at the same time.  I rarely attempt to count them, but on one occasion today, after flushing, they formed 2 distinct fairly tight flocks, so I took 2 photos and counted them back on my PC - I reached 1,552 birds, which is quite a number.
Flock 1 - 688 birds

Flock 2 - 864 birds
On the wildfowl front, the Shelducks had increased to 3 birds with the addition of another male and I counted 67 Pochard.

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