Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goosander Brightens up a Dull Day

24th January - a wet, dull and misty day.  Having spent the morning visiting Linford NR in North Bucks hoping to see the long staying Great White Egret and failing, though with the consolation of a Willow Tit visiting feeders with 2 Marsh Tits, I had only 10 minutes to make a quick stop at the pit.

I arrived at 14:45 hoping optimistically to find one of the scarce gulls reported yesterday at nearby Hedgerley landfill - this did not materialise, but as I scanned the spit, a lovely female Goosander swam through my scope view.  I watched as she swam in the large bay of the southern spit and then stood out of the water for a quick preen before returning to the water.  Unfortunately I did not have time to enjoy this patch tick for long and had to depart for the school pick-up.  A quick text ensured that the Goosander was also seen by someone else who watched it depart the pit at about 15:35 - a fortuitous find!

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