Sunday, 3 May 2015

Greenshank twitch!

May 3rd - With a weather front moving through the region this morning I was hopeful that the rain would have pushed down a Black Tern or some waders, so I was out early for a couple of hours.  Unfortunately it hadn't and apart from a Common Sand and some hirundines and Swifts, there was nothing new in.  The rain started up again just before 8am and didn't look like stopping, so I went home.

Just after midday, I received a text from Alan S saying that he had a distant medium sized wader on the spit and shortly later another saying that it was a Greenshank - waders have been a bit thin again this Spring, so this was a nice bird to get, particularly as I had missed two or possibly three Greenshank in mid April.  So I made a quick twitch, found a lovely summer plumaged bird on the back of the spit, grabbed a record shot and departed (help with son's homework beckoned!)

There was also a partial summer plumaged Dunlin around for a few days last week that I managed to catch up with on Friday morning before work.

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