Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Red-crested Pochard - Patch Tick!

4th July - a quick morning visit trying to dodge the showers.  Almost the first birds I looked at were 2 Red-crested Pochards sitting on the end of the far spit - unexpected at this time of year and a patch tick to boot, so very pleased!  They were both males, 1 in full eclipse and the other partial, still retaining some golden feathers in the head and some black on the lower neck/breast.  A couple of record shots in poor light:

Full eclipse
Partial eclipse
LRPs are still around in good numbers - I counted at least 10 this morning, all adults plus yesterday's single juvenile, but I could only see 1 Common Sand.

Yellow-legged Gulls continue to arrive, with 9 counted amongst the LWHG flock - there could easily be more.  These consisted of 2 adults, 6 2nd summers and a 3rd summer.  A new adult and 3rd summer bird at least.  There have been at least 12 different birds on site so far since June 6th and very probably more - the bulk of these have been 2nd summers and it is becoming difficult to keep track of these.  The new adult (though I did see it briefly yesterday, but only for a nano-second) has a red darvic ring, which is probably from the North Thames Gull Group, but I wasn't able to read it - hopefully it will stick around so that it can be eventually.

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