Friday, 6 July 2012

More Birding with a Brolly!

6th July - the truly dismal wet summer rolls on.  I ventured out early afternoon in the hope that some waders might have dropped in, but no such luck - a Common Sand and continuing LRPs were all that was present.

YLGs are still very obvious - at least 8 birds today - 2 adults, neither of which had a red colour ring, so at least 1 new bird, 5 2nd summers, some obvious returning birds in this group and a juvenile.  I had assumed that the juvenile was probably the same bird seen in the week, but when I compared photos, it is obviously a different individual in both head plumage detail and bill structure.  It is a shame that it was raining all afternoon, because the juvenile chose to stand on the near spit and in good light would have given me a nice photo, as it was, all I could manage was a blurred image - you can still see the relevant YLG characters though and a nice white upper tail as it flew off.  This bird has a slightly hooked bill tip not shown by the bird a few days ago.

The only other bird of note on a damp afternoon was the first returning Teal of the Autumn.

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