Thursday, 21 June 2012

Some Mid-week Snippets

Two very brief mid afternoon visits so far this week.  On Tuesday 19th, a Common Sandpiper was creeping around the near edge of the spit, probably an early Autumn returning adult.  2 Oystercatchers were wandering around the back of the spit, neither of which had a limp like Saturday's bird, so either the limp had cleared up or different birds are involved.  At least 3 LRP were present, though possibly more, as they were moving around quite a bit and a 2s Yellow-legged Gull - this was the bird with the obvious dark streaking around the eye.

Yesterday, the waders had cleared out and it was back to the usual LRPs.  Another 2s Yellow-legged Gull was present - this bird had a clean white head and a yellow eye.  There have now been at least 5 and possibly 6 YLG here since June 6th, 4 or 5 2s and 1 1s bird.

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