Thursday, 28 June 2012

More of the Same

27th June - 7 adult LRPs at midday, 6 together in the southern bay and a further single.  I assume that these are failed breeders from other sites.  No sign of any other waders on site though, but I expect the first returning adult Blackwits will be seen soon.

The gull flock held 5 Yellow-legged Gulls - all of yesterday's birds present again (adult and 3 2nd summers) plus a further new 2nd summer.  This bird was similar to yesterday's new bird, being a large male in similar plumage, but had noticeably broad white tips to its tertials.  They were actually grouped quite closely on the edge of the main flock, apart from the 2nd summer with the bleached coverts, which was sitting in its usual spot in front of the island away from the other gulls.  When I returned for a quick look in the late afternoon, most of the gulls had departed the site, but there were 2 2nd summers present, one of which was a dark eyed bird and so different to the earlier birds making a total count of 6 birds on site today and 8 or 9 so far this June - 1 adult, 6 or 7 2nd summers and 1 1st summer.

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