Friday, 15 June 2012

And Some More....

15th June - nice to get some warm sunshine this afternoon after the heavy showers in the morning and a strengthening wind.

I enjoy searching through the gulls and trying to sort them out and this afternoon there were 3 Yellow-legged Gulls in amongst a growing flock of LWHG, all 2nd summer birds.  The bird with obvious dark streaking around the eye was present again - seen on Sunday and Tuesday - and also 2 new birds, both with yellow eyes.  One of these, pictured below, was quite large and presumably a male.  It spent some time attacking a carcass on the spit, which looked to be a Cormorant (I was told that a Heron carcass was in this area, but this looked to have Cormorant coloured feathers and some white on the face)

Are they looking at something?

I have now seen 5 different YL Gulls in the past 10 days, a 1st summer and 4 2nd summer birds, but with only short sporadic visits I wouldn't be surprised if more were about - 1 of the birds today flew in and flew off again after 10 minutes.

I only saw 3 Shelduck today, but a pair could have been hiding somewhere and the Ruddy Shelduck x Shelduck hybrid remains.

The Common Terns seem to be faring OK on the rafts - on Tuesday I saw 4 chicks and at least 7 sitting adults.  A Kingfisher following another bird around the pit today was also presumably a juvenile.

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