Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Some more gull roosts

I've managed a couple of gull roosts over the past week.  They are quite good at the moment, as Common Gulls are reaching their peak and number several thousand, matched by Black-headed Gulls and they often bring in passage Med Gulls.  The larger gulls are far less numerous but there are still a few hundred of these to look through, often bring in Caspian and of course there is still a local Glaucous Gull, though that seems to be favouring the Sonning roost at present.

On the 13th, I managed to pick out an adult Med Gull almost lost within the Commons.  This bird had a partial hood and was probably the one seen a couple of times in the week.  There was also an adult Yellow-legged Gull, not our best time of year for these, so nice to see, but that was it in terms of scarcity.

On the 16th, I found two Med Gulls, what was probably the same adult and a 1st winter, which was new in.

There was also a rather odd looking LWHG that looked spot on for a 1st winter Caspian except that it was quite streaked on the head.  I noticed that it had a limp, so whether this is an indicator of an ill bird with suspended moult I'm not sure.  The scaps had certainly been moulted as you'd expect.  I left it as probable Caspian hybrid, though if the head had been whiter, everything else looked spot on to me.  I've attached a rubbish record shot in failing light that gives some idea but doesn't really show the niceties of plumage detail.

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