Wednesday, 2 December 2015

2w Casp

1st December - my first visit for over a week due to being laid up with a nice seasonal illness!

As I walked in from the car park, I saw 10 Golden Plover flying away from me fairly low and continuing southwards.  These are my first at the lake this year, though I had a distant flock on patch back in October.

A quick scan of the gulls and a lovely 2nd winter Caspian Gull stood out like a sore thumb.  It was fairly small and quite dainty looking so presumably a female.  My efforts at capturing it on a photo for record purposes were hampered by the dull light and distance to the bird, but here are a few which give a feel for the bird.  It did have a fairly dark grey mantle, but this is over exaggerated by the camera.

I also noted a colour ringed LBBG, blue AMW, that I had seen here previously in 2012, so a nice re-sighting.

Otherwise, the mix of birds hadn't changed much over the week, although Pochard numbers have climbed slightly since I last counted them, with 64 birds in two flocks around the lake.

Calling Siskins have been flying over for ages, usually 1s and 2s, so it was nice to see a feeding flock of about 15 birds in a tall Alder next to the car park.

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