Tuesday, 22 July 2014

More yellow-legs

22nd July - a hot and sunny day, so nice to be out, but not too much to look at.  The sporadic wildfowl visitors of the day were a couple of Shoveler and waders were limited to 2 juvenile LRPs, excluding the hordes of Lapwing.

By early afternoon, gull numbers had risen to sizeable numbers.  I estimated 500 BHG, 160 Herrings, including a fresh juvenile, 60 LBBG including 5 fresh juveniles, 1 adult Common Gull and 4 Yellow-legged Gulls.  The YLGs comprised 2 adult birds, a 1st summer and a juvenile, all of which have probably been seen over the past few weeks.  Only the 1st summer bird approached close enough for a record shot, the others were amongst the main throng and cloaked in heat haze.

Looks rather grotty as it is in moult, but easy to pick out from the crowd

As I commented in an earlier post when the juv YLG turned up in the first week of July, juv LBBG and Herrings usually arrive mid month.  My first juv LBBG was about a week ago and the first juv Herring Gull a few days after that.

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