Monday, 10 February 2014

Water, water everywhere.......

7th February - the constant depressions blowing across the country bringing with them seemingly endless rainy days have inevitably had their effect.  The river Thames has burst its banks and I'm sure will continue to rise of the next few days.  On Friday it was once again lapping at the small branch line railway track and the flood meadows were under at least a couple of feet of water.  The lake itself wasn't quite as high as it had been a few weeks ago, not quite breaching the west bank as it had, so I could still walk down the path, but the spit is once again submerged, which unfortunately has a detrimental effect on the number of birds that are on site.

So with little of note and lower numbers of wildfowl on the lake, my visit was fairly short.  On the way back to the car park, a noisy flock of finches was singing and chattering away from the favoured stand of alders.  About 20 Siskins and 10 Goldfinches, but also a Lesser Redpoll and possibly 2.  They were quite difficult to view, being in the backs of the trees from where I stood and quite high up, but Lesser Redpoll is a nice one to get on the list - never numerous and not usually very regular here.

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