Monday, 20 May 2013

21st Wader Species

20th May - a quick pre-work visit prior to 9am found little of note.  During the morning, a number of local Turnstone reports came through, including 3 flying through QMR and a single at Tring, so I thought it was worth having a further check at lunchtime.  As I arrived, I could see a wader on the point of the spit and a quick check revealed not a Turnstone, but 2 Sanderling, a nice summer plumaged bird and one in transition.  So another good wader species for the patch year list, my 17th and the site's 21st - not bad for a single lake!

Some record shots here:

A LRP and 3 Shelduck were the supporting cast, whilst high teens of Common Terns are still frequenting the spit and not the rafts!  Maybe Turnstone will appear tomorrow!


  1. What waders have you missed Adam ?


  2. Golden Plover - very few this winter, but should get that later in the year.
    Curlew - a single flyover - might get that later in the year
    Black-tailed Godwit - a single bird when I was on holiday - should hopefully get that in July
    Greenshank - been scarce so far, just a single brief bird shortly after the Crane - should get that back at some stage