Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Arctics Drop in

7th May - I had a text from pit stalwart Alan S in the afternoon informing me of 21 Arctic Terns that had just dropped in to the pit during rain.  I was able to get on site relatively quickly and watch many Arctics flying over the favoured eastern side of the lake.  It was difficult to count exactly how many there were, because there were also Commons in with them and birds kept disappearing into the NE corner.  Alan had counted 21 when the birds had arrived and actually landed on the spit.

At one point, I counted 20 terns forming a tight flock as if ready to leave and it might well be that all of these were Arctics.  I watched at least 2 small groups of terns depart to the NE during my visit and there were still 10 on site when I left.

Other birds of note were a non-breeding type Ringed Plover and 2 LRPs.

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