Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another Dunlin

2nd May - a quick pre-work visit found another Dunlin moulting to summer plumage on the spit.  This was a different bird to yesterday's 2, being quite rufous above but with quite sparse black streaking on the belly.

I went to the meadow and saw very little until 2 Cuckoos flew over along the railway bank, with one settling in the SW corner.  This bird was very vocal and sang here for a while before working his way up the west bank and then back again.  A second singing bird on the north side by the concrete road was either the second bird or maybe even a third.

A Reed Warbler was singing from the reeds by the cottages - the first I have had in this stretch this year and the long-staying male Wigeon remained.  A single LRP was also present.

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