Sunday, 11 March 2012

White Wingers Continue

11th March - Only a quick visit this evening to take in some of the gull roost.  I arrived after 5:30pm and left shortly after 6pm and joined four other locals already on site.

It is surprising how distinctive the head of a 2w Iceland Gull is - I noted the domed head, two tone dull pink and black bill and pale iris on this bird sticking out of the gull roost on the back of the spit.  This is probably 200 yards plus away.  It was head on, so none of the body was visible until a sudden movement of the birds revealed it in all its glory.  It then proceeded to walk left and then flushed to the front of the island where it showed well.  This looks to be the same bird that was present last Sunday.  The 2w present last Monday was described as having a dark eye, but the pale iris on this bird is very obvious even at distance, so I assume Monday's bird was a different individual.

Shortly after this, an adult Mediterranean Gull appeared in the water beyond the spit.  Judging by the almost full black hood with some white spotting above the bill, this may well be the same individual that has been noted on several dates recently.  So quite a productive 30 minutes.

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