Friday, 2 March 2012

Banded Plover

2nd March - a whistle stop visit this afternoon before school pick-up.  Very pleasant conditions and hundreds of gulls.  Unfortunately, I only had time for a quick scan and could not find any scarcities amongst them, but we are now entering the passage period for Med Gulls and possibly Ring-billed Gull, so a longer visit may reap rewards.

As I was about to leave, I found a Ringed Plover on the near shore, which is a sure sign Spring is here (or on the way).  Ringed Plovers are historically one of the first waders to pass through, with February sightings not unusual.  However, in recent years, these early birds have become much scarcer and Ringed Plovers are more often seen in late April/May when the tundra race passes through, often with Dunlin.  This bird also sported a BTO metal ring on its left leg - no chance of reading that though.

A ringed Ringed Plover

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