Monday, 24 October 2016

A good duck

24th October - Dave C sent a Whatsapp message this afternoon saying that he had found a Scaup near the cottages.  Scaup is a very scarce duck here, though we did have an over wintering female at the other end of the complex a few years back, so I didn't need any persuading to go and twitch it.  A few minutes later and I was watching the bird.  It was in the NW arm where the few Pochard on site tend to hang out and was showing pretty well between bouts of diving.  Dave C was still there watching it and we discussed its age - I eventually settled on a juvenile male.  My usual apologies for the ropey record shot - low light etc etc....

A very welcome addition to the year list and the first new addition for just over a month!
The lack of updates reflects the lack of interest, though I continue to pound the patch ever hopeful.  I have also been distracted with a couple of north eastern twitches this month (Eastern Crowned Warbler and Siberian Accentor). The only other recent bird of note was another male Stonechat that was around the northern fields on the 12th:

The pair at Emmetts were seen again on the 10th and 11th.

I also took a snap of a hornet from the north side of the lake, as they have been very numerous in that area this Autumn.

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