Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Missing the good stuff

A large passage of Little Gulls across the region on Monday 11th seemed to bypass us - always a scarce bird here.  I'm sure they do pass through, but maybe early on and don't linger.

Anyway, the past three days has seen a smattering of new arrivals.  Yesterday, the 12th, a Sedge Warbler was singing away from the southern bank.  They don't breed here, so just passing through, though presumably the same bird was singing from the same general area this morning.  This morning, 13th, two Common Terns were sitting on the spit when I arrived.  A short while later, a third bird appeared hawking over the left side of the lake and some time later again, a fourth bird arrived and settled on the spit with the original two, so a mini arrival and some visible migration.  Record shots into the morning sun:

The original two

The original two plus the fourth bird, the third was still hawking the lake
Other birds of note recently were two lovely male Wheatears in the same field as I saw my first at the weekend.  I also watched a flock of around 70 Golden Plover distantly from the lake, flying over Emmett's fields.  I went over there later to see if they were more advanced into summer plumage, but a bird scarer firing shots put paid to that.

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