Wednesday, 19 August 2015


18th August - there are supposedly three resident species of owl on the patch and so far this year I have managed zilch.  I usually expect to come across Tawny mostly in late winter when I'm leaving a gull roost at dusk, but this year that didn't happen.  Little Owl used to be fairly easy sitting out on telegraph poles or fence posts, but late last year or early this, their old nest tree blew down and I haven't seen them since, though I expect they are still in the area.  Barn Owl for me has usually meant a special trip out at dusk to an area where a couple of nest boxes have been put up - tonight I finally got around to doing this!

I parked up where the Little Owls used to be, but neither saw nor heard anything - the evening was fairly warm and nice and still, so not a bad one to pick.  I then walked along the path from where the Barn Owl boxes can be seen.  As I did this, a Tawny Owl called from nearby trees, so one owl down.  A short while later, as the light was fading fast, a silent white bird flew within a few yards of me along the field boundary - bingo, Barn Owl!  I watched it quartering the field edge for a while and then returned to the car.

So two owls down - I hope the Littles haven't gone too far and will have to make a special effort to relocate them.

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