Wednesday, 21 January 2015

It's all a bit quiet!

The lack of updates reflects the relatively quiet scene on patch.  I've made a few visits and have hunted around, but the species seen have been fairly constant, with little in the way of new birds turning up.

There are lots of birds on site, primarily on the main lake, so there's plenty to look through.  Good numbers of the usual wildfowl species: Tufted Duck, Pochard, Wigeon, Gadwall, Teal and Shoveler, with Shelduck now numbering four birds.  Hundreds of loafing gulls during the day, mainly Black-headed and some Commons, augmented at the roost by 20 odd GBB Gulls, Herrings, LBBGs and further Commons and BHGs.  Snipe are still around the base of the spit, though usually hidden - I counted a peak of 33 birds on a frosty morning last week, also 1-2 Water Rails.  A single Little Grebe usually favours the works bay and there are 2-3 others on the ski pit.  Grey Herons and Cormorants are back on  nest building duty and I wait to see whether the Little Egrets return to their nests.

Best birds of this period, though still of unknown origin and possibly released, are Grey Partridges in the game cover on Emmett's fields.  I saw a pair and probably a third bird disappearing into cover on the 19th and yesterday four birds were reported.  There is also a flock of 20 odd Linnets here and a few Skylark, though no Yellowhammers as yet.

With it being so quiet, I have made a few off patch trips to catch up with some 'proper' birds e.g. Ring-necked Ducks at Calvert and Bray, Great Grey Shrike at Slapton, Jack Snipe and Stonechats at Stoke Common and yesterday a quick sojourn to Staines Res produced the long staying Great Northern Diver, male Scaup, two Water Pipits and a single Black-necked Grebe.  I keep hoping, probably over optimistically, to find one or two of these on patch.  Anyway, my year list has crept on to 70 and with no unusual birds yet, apart from Grey Partridge, there should be lots more to come - please!

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