Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I think it is.....(see last post)

June 3rd - it's all gone quiet.  This morning a pair of Teal had returned to the lake, the first of the returning birds and possibly failed breeders.  A male Cuckoo was singing from trees on the base of the spit and 2 LRPs were present.  These 2 were also here yesterday evening and look like 2 single birds as opposed to a pair as they are nearly always a long way apart.  The usual pair of Shelduck are still here, though no sign of any attempted breeding, apart from the occasional flight over the reed bed.

A few more LWHG are beginning to appear, mostly immatures, but also the odd adult.  Yesterday evening a 1st summer Common Gull also dropped in, which are pretty scarce this time of year.

On Saturday, one of the LBBG had a green ring with code K.BBK on it, which is a Dutch ringing scheme - I await further details of its history.  It shouldn't be too long before the YL Gulls start to appear.

Only another 2-3 weeks before the adult waders will be coming back through and Autumn migration will have started!

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