Tuesday, 14 January 2014

PWC Revised Site Map

I am taking part in the Patchwork Challenge again this year, but have decided to include a slightly bigger area for my patch.  I will still keep a separate list for Little Marlow GP, which is essentially the main lake to the east of the Marlow GP complex and surrounding fields, as this area is watched by several people who maintain lists for it.

My PWC patch will include all the accessible Marlow gravel pits and surrounding fields, plus the Emmetts farm area to the north of the Marlow road and the Pump Lane paddocks and vine fields.  I watch all these areas regularly and they do actually adjoin (more or less) creating an area of around 3 square km, which is the size limit for a PWC patch.  If I had included all of these areas last year, I could have added, off the top of head, Osprey, Redstart, Whinchat and Yellowhammer to the 2013 list - I will need to adjust my comparative total in this year's competition!

Here is a map showing the patch:

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