Sunday, 4 August 2013

Finally Get Blackwit

3rd August - I received a call from Alan S at midday to say that 3 Black-tailed Godwits had been reported at the pit - thanks Alan!  I'd missed the last one a few weeks ago due to my phone not receiving texts for some unknown reason - also received a test from Malcolm P - thanks Malcolm!  There have been lots of Blackwits around the region recently, so I was surprised there hadn't been more at the pit, as it normally does quite well for them.  I made my way there with children in tow knowing that a work party was due out at 1pm and would probably disturb the birds.  Fortunately the splendid 3 adult Black-tailed Godwits were still present, though slightly difficult to see in the southern bay.  Often obscured by the near spit, the birds fed quite actively with the water up to their bellies at times.  A few distant record shots below:

Otherwise, it was fairly quiet as it has been for a while.

A juvenile Med Gull has been very regular over the past week or so.  I've seen it most times I've visited and it can be seen morning, daytime and evening, though it is usually only present for an hour or two at any of these times.

An adult YL Gull has also been regular over the past couple of weeks, though surprisingly for the time of year, this is the only one I've seen, except for a probable juvenile that I didn't have time to scrutinise properly.

I've continued to pass time by looking for CR gulls and have had repeat sightings of many of the BHG, though yellow 2BTS was a new one.  This bird was ringed as an adult at Rainham tip in March this year.

A couple of recent ringed LBBG were also birds seen at this site in previous years - white WO (red) ringed in the Netherlands and black G:K, a regular bird for many years ringed in Bath in 2006 - it spends some of its summer here and winters in Portugal.

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