Tuesday, 12 February 2013


A summary of Caspian Gulls seen on site since August 2012, especially for Rob N!

Bird 1:  It starts in August 2012, with this 1st summer bird seen on the 14th and 15th and probably again on 6th Oct:

Bird 2:  Then on 25th Sept, this juvenile moulting to 1st winter appeared for 1 day:

Bird 2 or 3:  On 9th November, this large 1st winter appeared, which is possibly the Sept bird, as they were both large beasts.  This bird remained regular, but was last seen in early Jan 2013, I last saw it on the 12th:

Bird 3 or 4:  On 23rd November, another 1st winter was captured on film by Dick S - I never saw this bird and I don't think it was seen subsequently:

Bird 4 or 5:  On 23rd December, another 1st winter joined the regular bird and was seen several times and also on its own.  I last saw this bird on 27th Jan:

Bird 5 or 6:  On 5th Feb, another 1st winter put in its first appearance and is now being seen fairly regularly:

An adult was also seen in January, but not photographed.  So, since August 2012, to my knowledge there have been at least 6 and possibly 7 different Casps on site, 4 or 5 1st winters, 1 1st summer and 1 adult.

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  1. Thanks Adam.
    I really will have to try and get down and see at least one of them.
    Cheers, Rob.