Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Grebe Patch Tick!

7th August - a quick visit this morning found no waders again!  3 YL Gulls, an adult, probable 3rd summer and 2nd summer were with the LWHG flock that now contains many juvenile birds.  The 1st summer BH Gull with black ring A2NO was present again, first seen on 29th June.  This bird was ringed at Swillbrocker Venn in Germany near the Dutch border on 18th June 2011.  A single Shoveler and single male Pochard were the best of the rest.  I remember thinking that I should check the SW corner as there are sometimes some loafing wildfowl here, but had no time left and had to leave.

I returned later in the afternoon and on arrival, a local photographer greeted me with, 'There's a Black-necked Grebe over there.'  Sure enough, on the southern, south-west side was a juvenile bird amongst a few Tufted Duck.  I must have missed this in the morning in the bit I didn't check, which is annoying!  I went to the southern bank to get a few record shots, but it spent most of its time with its head tucked in.  This completes my set of 5 grebes for the site - unless something mega rare turns up.

A Common Sand was now present and a female Teal, whilst 3 Kingfishers together must reflect a breeding success.

At nearby Pump Lane paddocks, a Wheatear was my first of the autumn.

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