Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cold Weather Pintail

1st February - another cold day only a couple of degrees above freezing, but gloriously sunny.  I made a quick afternoon visit to the pit after twitching a nearby 1w Glaucous Gull at a landfill in Knowl Hill, Berks.

Almost the first bird I saw was a rather flighty female Pintail in the southern bay of the spit, but partially obscured.  I went to the viewpoint and found the bird had moved further away and was near the right side of the main island - still close enough for a reasonable record shot in good light.  However, I found that I'd left my camera battery charging at home!  I made a quick dash home and back again by which time the bird had been 'lost' by one of the regulars who was on site.  I picked it up again in the north-east corner of the lake, about as far away as it could get from the my position on the west side and I had no time left to walk around, so unfortunately, another distant record shot!  Pintails are irregular visitors to this site either during the autumn or winter, so nice to get one early in the year.

Distant female Pintail

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